Head Soccer Unblocked game is a gift for those who love Soccer and want to spend their free time by playing an addicting soccer game. If we talk about addicting soccer games than no other game is better than Head Soccer. Here on our official website we present unblocked version of Soccer head game. Reason why we like this game so much is because of it’s game-play. It’s kind of funny as well as a bit frustrating. You got frustrated when your opponent keep scoring goals against you but you can’t manage to score a goal. When I first played this game, I realize that this game is making it’s players frustrated just like Cat Mario or clicker games do. Just give it a try and I bet you want to play this game again and again.

Features of Head Soccer Unblocked

Those who know the rule of soccer can play this game easily. One simple rule applies only. Just score a goal by putting the football in your opponent’s net. One of it’s best feature is it’s multiplayer interface. If you have a friend and you want him to play a challenge game with you than you can easily manage to play a multiplayer match. You can customize the control keys which is very rare in online flash games. Head Soccer Unblocked is based on UEFA Champion’s League, so you can chose a team of your own choice, well I like to play with Liverpool 🙂 Default control keys are simple. WSAD keys to move the player and space bar button to kick the ball as well as you can also break your opponent’s leg as well which is very funny feature of this game 😉

If you don’t have a friend available to play than you can simply play single player mode of the game in which you have to compete with all teams from UEFA Champion’s League. Guys I am telling you, this is the best game to spend your free time. There are many power ups and other features will be available while playing a match. Check out the following screen shot for a better understanding of what you might face in the game.

soccer head unblocked

Keep playing this game and enjoy your stay. Don’t forget to tell your friends about this game by sharing this game on your social profiles. If you have any question or suggestion you want to share with us, you can contact us freely.